Meet our Team

Kendall Giles

Kendall Giles is a writer, computer scientist, educator, and participant observer of all things geek. His goal is to live an epic life. He is the author of Five Slices of Death, a short collection of delicious horror stories. In 2011, he was invited to read his short story “Searching” at the international invitational Think Small exhibition at the artspace gallery in Richmond, Virginia. In 2010, his story “A Delicate Touch” won the Raw Dog Screaming Press 100 Jolts Retrospective Writing Contest. Other stories, articles, and research papers have been included in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature Journal, InYo: The Journal of Alternative Perspectives on the Martial Arts and Sciences, and more than a dozen academic journals and conference proceedings in the fields of information systems, computer science, knowledge discovery, statistics, and cybernetics. On his website,, you’ll find a collection of his writing, reviews, and articles on fitness, technology, and helping you make the most out of your day.

Sachit Gupta

Sachit works at the intersection of technology and design to build great products and help spread ideas. He’s a traveler (currently on an epic trip through Asia) interested in in entrepreneurshipand exploring the possibilities of life. Previously, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon where he co-founded TEDxCMU.

Aaron Tucker

Aaron Tucker is taking a gap year between high school and Harvard.


He’s coming out of FIRST Robotics, the MBHS Magnet Program, and is interested in improving the world by making the people around him stronger and more capable.


He’s active in the LessWrong community, forming the DC, UMD, and High School meetup groups, as well as forming the East Coast Megameetup.


On top of some travel, he’s hacked his diet and built some inter/intrapersonal skills. You can follow him at


He’d like to get better at business, and loves talking to interesting people so feel free to contact him at

Sebastian Marshall

Me? I’m just a guy. The first year of this site, I was writing about time tracking, history, travel, goal-setting, probability, reviewing nonfiction, and some interesting but fairly mundane stuff.


Then I woke up one day and realized that life doesn’t just give you what you want – you have to go get it. I started being radically honest, radically transparent, and demanded to be treated well by everyone in my life, to the highest possible standard… and it’s amazing what a difference it makes. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I have a few recommendations for you:


    1. Don’t trust things that are “happening in the future” – 90% of stuff that’s dreamed about or promised won’t happen if there’s no good reason for it to be delayed. Write a date on the calendar, buy the plane tickets, schedule the lessons – or you ain’t going to do it. (Corollary: Promises are useless. People make grand promises all the time, and rarely deliver if they’re not delivering right now.)
    2. Stop lying to yourself. Do things, or don’t do things.
    3. Once someone breaks their word to you, immediately stand up and call them out. If you solider on after someone breaks their word to you, you’re their bitch after that. Don’t be anyone’s bitch.
    4. We’re all scared. Do it anyways. There really isn’t all that much downside.

I’d say “good luck,” but you don’t need it. See you around.


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