We're trying to start a rebellion against traditional publishing.   Basically, Traditional Publishing is going to die. And by going to die, I mean they're getting gutted and will be a shattered semblance of their former selves in the next decade.   People have been going indie and self-publishing and making ebooks and doing all sorts of crazy awesome stuff, and supporting themselves on it. Cool stuff is going on, and I'm glad to be alive now. I might even be a part of it.   Traditional Publishing, as it stands now, will not be part of it. They'll be fighting change, retreating, and leaving a bloody and hated trail on their way to the grave.   Basically, they've been replaced in every way. It used to be that they controlled printing and shipping and could get your stuff into stores. You used to need a publisher in order to get your books out, because publishers helped you overcome the barriers to get to your audiences.   But the internet tore the barriers down.   Now, distribution is easy. We took a week on the book, and god knows how long on the marketing, but the distribution took like, 5 minutes to set up. Literally.   It's going to take me longer to get a bank account and set up the routing and whatnot to get paid for putting together a book than it did to set up the kindle sales.   As far as I can tell, that's sufficient demonstration that publishing needs to change or else it's going to die. Like, publishers could lobby to try and break up Amazon, but basically they just don't have any advantages.   If that's all happening anyway, why rebel?   We want publishers to change. If they helped artists out, helped authors put together and market books, that would be really cool. Like, if they were nice to people and paid well and put teams together to make magic, that would be great.   That's what I want out of this. Publishing can save itself if it just decided to give people a reason to go to it, rather than just playing on people's fears.   If they don't feel like doing that, then the other goal is to liberate artists. Authors basically don't need publishers any more, and the more who strike out on their own, the faster publishing dies.