Join the Rebellion

by Aaron on December 15, 2011

The One Week Book is complete!


Not only that, it’s in Amazon, and approved. Buy it here now:


It’s worth it to do a quick recap of why we’re doing this.


Traditional publishing is slow, we put together a potentially life-changing book in a week. Want to help us promote it and change the world? Buy it, write a review with what you think, share it with everyone who you think would appreciate it.


Sebastian gambled his ability to publish anything on the idea that people like creating value, helping each other, and moving the world. It’s worth it — we’re standing up for everyone and trying to set up legal precedent or force them to change. We want to show publishing that we don’t need them, and that people are tired of their shit. We want to make things happen for our readers. We want to change the world.


Join the Rebellion.


Buy IKIGAI here:
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