by Aaron on December 10, 2011

So I’ve hit the point where I kind of need to start paring down the book, focusing, removing content, and making decisions about the order in which to present things.

I’ve needed to cut out some of my favorite posts, because they don’t really fit with what I think the book should be. And no, I shouldn’t redefine what it should be because of just that.

(Specifically posts like , which is less actionable and less ambitious, and I’m pretty sure I’m in a fairly slim subsection of humanity who thinks that this is of fundamental philosophical importance. Like, I’m pretty sure that it’s a bad rhetorical choice to include this if it means losing momentum within the book or leaving out other things.)

And it’s weird, because making decisions is really hard. Like, reading and rearranging for a few hours is kind of hard, but not really. It’s not at all taxing in the way that actually thinking and prioritizing and making sacrifices are hard.

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