Hello to Our Readers!

by Aaron on December 8, 2011

Poked around through the Google Analytics a bit, and am surprised that as many people are reading the blog as there are, with the amount of publicizing that we’ve done so far.

Awesomely, there still aren’t that many people reading. Like, there are enough that I think that I have a stab at guessing who about half of the readers are, but there are a few that I still don’t know about.

Maryland and California I have solid guesses about (hello to my friends at UMD and Tortuga!), I think I know who’s reading from Indiana (probably the only person on earth who reads both¬†of my new blogs, other than me), and China, India, Virginia, and Tenessee are team members.


If you’re in Massachusetts, Texas, Russia, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Alabama, Connecticut, or Georgia…

I have no idea who you are! I’m psyched that you all are reading, but I have a question:

What can I do to make this blog more awesome? What do you want to see out of it?

I want to make this as interactive as possible, and really connect to our readers.

Feel free to shoot me an email at aaron (at) theoneweekbook.com .

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