Some Quick Math

by Aaron on December 7, 2011

I have 49 pages of blurbs + links from the archives in the first pass of candidate posts.

Each of those pages has about 5 blurbs. So we have about 250 candidate posts to make it into the book. Assuming each one of those is a page (I think they average out to longer than that? Sebastian’s post length has a long tail.), we have 250 candidate pages.

That means that we can pare things down even more, use higher quality content, make the book even tighter, and that we definitely have the material to do that.


Sebastian wants a 100 – 200 page book.

My brain is using 120 as it’s preferred length, probably for making the math a little easier.

Let’s say that each page takes an hour of work to produce. Two hours, to be ridiculous. Page isn’t exactly the natural unit to use here (each page is edited by itself, then placed relative to a core post, then rearranged as a group of pages around a core, then rearranged into chapters, then arranged into sections), but let’s roll with it. That means that we need 240 hours of work to publish a book. That’s 6 people of work weeks.

6 people should be able to publish a book in a week! Like, there really is time to assemble a book from blog posts in a week.

And two hours is a really really liberal estimate. I think it’s actually going to be closer to an hour.

So as an estimate, this should take about 120 man-hours. 240 conservatively. Cool.

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